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AboutUsImageBusinesses and organizations with embroidery and silk-screening needs have trusted Pro Tag to provide them with the best quality and price since 2000. In a day where branding and marketing have become crucial for any organization, Pro Tag continues to thrive with a reputation for providing superior quality, low prices, fast delivery, and excellent customer service.

With a very high standard to maintain, Pro Tag confidently guarantees all their products and will ensure that you are satisfied well after any transaction. Pro Tag will accommodate the needs of a vast majority of organizations including new and small businesses, universities, corporations, public schools, government organizations, small groups, and much more. Although they specialize in large quantities and will impress you with their speed and efficiency, they never ignore the small orders such as team jerseys or family reunions.

With a friendly staff and dedicated owners, Pro Tag is your best choice for embroidery and silk-screening needs. Setup your free account today, browse the catalog, and talk to a representative today!

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