Embroidery Process

EmbroideryProcessEmbroidering your logo onto your clothing or apparel takes a few steps. Pro Tag's embroidery process is designed to ensure that everything we push out the door is of the highest quality. Each item is thoroughly inspected before shipping.

The most important and the first step is the logo digitization. This is where we take your existing logo and convert it into a form our embroidery machines can use it! This is also where we communicate with the customer, you, about what colors will look good on what garment and also if anything needs to be altered. We will then save the digitized logo into system so that next time you order, this step will be skipped!

In the next step, we place your garment up with holding templates and put a protective backing inside the garment.

After that, each garment is placed in position for embroidery. We use state-of-the-art computerized embroidery machines and are able to produce large quantities of embroidered garments at a time, promising the customer, you, great turnaround times!

After each item has been embroidered on, we polish it up by trimming and lightly pressing the garment.

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