The Online Catalog

Our online catalog serves as a great tool for you! It gives you the opportunity to browse through our items from your home or office. Furthermore, because some of our items are not included in the physical catalog that our representatives present to you, these items will be on the catalog.

Although we have an online catalog, we are not an online company. In fact, we left out the capability to buy any items off our website. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, we like to see your face. We know that a business relationship cannot last without a little personal interaction. Second, you as our customer have the right to speak with a representative when you have a question or concern. Third, the transactions that occur in this type of business can be very tedious to handle. Therefore, companies or organizations typically need a representative on site to answer questions, give tips, and ultimately help the process along.

Feel free to browse through our online catalog. Please note that the prices you see are internet retail value. We give big discounts for bulk ordering!

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